Berri Estates Dolce Bianco | Goon (Cask/Box Wine) Review

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Berri Estates Dolce Bianco | Goon (Cask/Box Wine) Review


Goon Sack Info 
Standard Drinks per Cask37
Alcoholic Content 9.5%
Average Price$14.99


The Berri Estates Dolce Bianco is one of the underdogs in the world of goon drinking. You never hear anyone ask for Dolce Bianco, it’s always Golden Oak or Coolabah, so here are a few reasons why you should buy the Berri Estates Dolce Bianco.


 1. It comes in a huge 5 litre cask.

5 litre casks are amazing. They never seem to run out and let’s face it, they look impressive. Girls (or guys) will swoon over a guy (or girl) walking out of a bottle-o with a 5 litre cask slung over one shoulder, and a lemonade in the other hand.


2. You’re getting almost 40 standard drinks.

This is both a positive and a negative. A negative as the alcoholic content is pretty average to low. You can get the same amount of standard drinks in a Stanley Chardonnay which is a litre less than the Dolce Bianco.

A positive because it is still 37 standard drinks.


3. The specials.

I always talk about this, but BWS (Beer, Wine and Spirits) are always putting their Berri Estates casks on special for 3 for $33 and you just can’t say no to that kind of value. That’s 15 litres of goon.


4. The taste.

The Dolce Bianco’s taste is not necessarily the best, but it does hold up with most other goons you are likely to find.


5. Rocky Balboa was an underdog and he was WORLD CHAMPION.



Overall even though a little weak (opposite of Rocky Balboa) I still recommend it. In saying that, I only really buy it on special, if I was paying full price I would probably go for something else.


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Berri Estates Dolce Bianco | Goon (Cask/Box Wine) Review

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