Coolabah Soft Fruity White | Goon (Cask Wine) Review

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Coolabah Soft Fruity White | Goon (Cask Wine) Review


Goon Sack Info 
Standard Drinks per Cask28
Alcoholic Content 9.5%
Average Price$12.99


The Coolabah Soft Fruity White is a pretty poor goon, not to be confused with poor man’s goon, which of course is all goon.


The goon is weak, weak like the premise of Grease 2. *Spoiler alert* the first movie finished with the main characters flying away in a car. The flying car is what people want to see, start with the flying car sequel. We (the audience) had so many questions:



Who built the car? Was Kenickie aware of its existence? Did he want a go?


These are all questions the sequel should have answered, not that Michael Carrington crap. Now… back to the wine.


The wine looked pale and watery and tasted pale and watery, most likely due to the fact that the cask only had 28 standard drinks. Also, the artwork is strange. The people have lips that are too big and all the women are wearing white. What’s with that? That’s weird.


It does have a couple redeeming qualities though. It mixes well with anything because the taste is so weak, it is constantly on sale so it’s pretty easy to pick up a cask for about $9 and it is stocked by most alcohol stores, so it’s easy to find.


Overall not really a goon worth buying unless it is on sale. The taste is pretty bad and the alcohol content is too low.


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Coolabah Soft Fruity White | Goon (Cask Wine) Review

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