Where Does Your Goon Come From?



Where Does Your Goon Come From? It’s a valid question… Here at the Good Goon Guide we want spread awareness about where your goon comes from. Large corporations such Woolworths and Coles use a lot of “privet labeling” to disguise their involvement in the production and marketing of many wines. Now we are not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing. Actually a lot of small wineries benefit from the partnerships, as some don’t have the necessary bankroll behind them to put their own brands into the market place. We really just want to make your goon purchasing experience as transparent as possible so you can make up your own mind about who you buy your goon from.


Woolworths Involvement


Bowler’s Run

Diamond Nights

Golden Oak



Coles Involvement


Daybreak Estate

Hidden Gems

Pleasant Valley

Tangled Vine