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The world of cyber space is a dark, dank, pit of despair. Like an event horizon (not the amazing movie featuring IMDB’s no. 1 rated actor of all time Sam Neill) no light can escape its clutches. Or so we thought…


Good Goon Guide is this light.


Welcome to Australia’s home for goon drinkers. We boast an absolutely beautiful website compiling the best (and sometimes worst) of goon drinking, mixes, cocktails, recipes, reviews and research. If you can add goon to it we have probably done it.


We can also answer you the question that has plagued mankind for generations…


Which is the best goon?


Is it Golden Oak Fruity Lexia??


No, in short.


If you don’t know where to start, read our top 5 reviewed box wines. Or maybe check out some of our goon mixes.


Anyway, read our website. We like it and we like goon. We are Australian to boot. What’s better than all that?


Only Sam Neill and not by much.


Enjoy your goonperience.