Goon (Cask Wine) with Coke | Goon Mixer Recipe

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Goon (Cask Wine) with Coke | Goon Mixer Recipe


Goon Sack Info 
Standard Drinks per Cask30
Alcoholic Content 9.5%
Average Price$9.99


Now, we all know that Coke is not healthy for us, but it does taste great and in the end, doesn’t THAT make it good for us?


The answers is no, as stated by this leading nutritionist’s answer found on Yahoo:


See if you can get a tooth somewhere, an old one belong to you or something, put it soaking in coke overnight and see the results.’


And it doesn’t end there! Other professionals in the field have come forward to spread awareness of the product:


It’s terrible for your teeth, stomach, and entire body.


So, as you can plainly see, it is not just bad for your teeth and stomach, but also for your ENTIRE BODY.



This is how the “media” wants us to live…


But it does taste good so I will continue to drink it.


After that long intro you are probably wondering – did the Golden Oak Fruity Lexia with Coke mix work out well?

It did not work out well. Before mixing we tried combining the names of goon and Coke, but either way you do it, they sound racist. This should have been the first hint that these two drinks should not be married.


The drink tasted like a combination of flat Coke and watery goon. There were no redeeming qualities. It looked like dark water and tasted like dark water, also a little bit tangy.


I was mixing at a half/half ratio, but even that wasn’t enough. A one part goon to 3 parts Coke would most likely work, but is that really worth it?


Overall if you are planning on having Coke or white goon or both, drink them separately. Only mix using Red Wine. Not everything is meant to be combined. Who do you think you are anyway, Jimmy Matchmaker or Will Smith in Hitch? Get a hold of yourself.


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Goon (Cask Wine) with Coke | Goon Mixer Recipe

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