Rars and Sars (with Stanley Chardonnay) | Goon Mixer Recipe

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Rars and Sars (with Stanley Chardonnay) | Goon Mixer Recipe


Goon Sack Info 
Standard Drinks per Cask41
Alcoholic Content 13%
Average Price$11.99


The idea for this drink came from pure boredom and innovation. There was so much to take into consideration..

What would be the best two drinks to mix? Would their flavours mix well? Would the two mixes add or would they cancel each other out, leaving an empty glass? We knew this was an innovation, we knew it would shake the foundation of goon drinking, we knew that this would upset certain people, but we didn’t care.


We ended up trying Raspberry Fanta and Tru Blu Sarsaparilla with a Stanley Chardonnay, because we liked the two mixes on their own and because we had come up with the name Rars and Sars which we liked a lot.


We suspected that the two drinks would mix well as separately they had been reviewed well. We were right, like two attractive celebrities coming together – it was a thing of beauty.


Rars and Sars in all of its beauty


The two tastes blended into one, tasting predominantly of Sarsaparilla, but not as strong. It made for some pretty easy drinking.


The only real downfall of the mix was the price. The Sarsaparilla is usually around a dollar, but the Fanta on the other hand is usually around $3. Do they think we are made of money? Also why don’t more homeless alcoholics drink goon? Or do they? Feel free to answer that if you do know, to yourself, in private.


The name is best sounding when it is said like rise and shine. Feel free to add a whistle on the s of rars or sars, or both, I have and it was good.


Overall a definite winner if you don’t mind the taste of sarsaparilla or paying $3 for Fanta.


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Rars and Sars (with Stanley Chardonnay) | Goon Mixer Recipe

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