Paradise Island | Goon (Cask/Box Wine) Cocktail Recipe

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Paradise Island | Goon (Cask/Box Wine) Cocktail Recipe


Goon Sack Info 
Standard Drinks per Cask39
Alcoholic Content 10%
Average Price$14.99


Summer is approaching and what better way to enjoy the hot days* then with a nice cold plastic** cup of paradise***. The Paradise Island was created from the name up.. meaning, I knew I wanted a drink with the name, I just didn’t know what it would consist of. In the end it turned out to be a tropical wine cocktail****. The drink is best enjoyed in a Hawaiian shirt and sandals, socks are optional*****.



This man embodies the spirit of the Paradise Island


The cocktail combines Berri Estates Fruity Gordo with Pineapple Lime Fanta and Diet Rite Passionfruit. The two soft drinks combined were around $4******.


The mix tasted strong, almost like cordial syrup, but not unbearably sweet. I was mixing at half-half*******, but the taste was so strong you could easily get away with three quarters goon********, or probably even five-sixths********* if you wanted. It tasted mostly of pineapple; the lime was nowhere to be seen**********.


Here’s a tip: scoop the cat shit out of the local sand pit and have a drink. It will feel like you are on a relaxing vacation.


Overall, the mix might be a bit sweet for some people***********, but for the most part tasted fruity and refreshing.


*A hot day can be anywhere from 26-50°C which is approximately 110-190°F.
**Plastic cups are the best choice for drinking goon because you WILL drop it.
***Paradise is an abstract concept and can mean different things to different people.
****Soon to be featured in my upcoming book: ‘Goon Cocktails: How to Look Classy Drinking Goon – Yes it is Possible’
*****Socks are optional, but encouraged.
*******Half goon, half soft drink.
********Three-quarters goon, one-quarter soft drink.
*********Five-sixths goon, one-sixth soft drink.
**********Or tasted.
***********People who don’t like things too sweet.


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Paradise Island | Goon (Cask/Box Wine) Cocktail Recipe

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