Sandpiper Barossa Shiraz 2011 | Bottled Wine Review

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Sandpiper Barossa Shiraz 2011 | Bottled Wine Review


Goon Sack Info 
Standard Drinks per Cask8.6
Alcoholic Content 14.5%
Average Price$15


*The score for this wine is based on a comparison of similarly priced bottled wines*


I know what you’re thinking.. ‘you can buy an entire sack for that price’ and I know, picking quality over quantity is not a choice I often make. I actually had to save up to be able to afford it.


We know the Sandpiper Barossa Shiraz 2011 doesn’t necessarily come under the heading of goon, but if you can get it cheap enough any wine becomes goon and even if you can’t, think about it like goon’s classy cousin. It’s the Carlton Banks to Will Smith relationship that seemed to happen a lot in sitcoms made in the late 80’s to early 90’s.



The wine itself was dark. We poured it into the best glasses we could muster up, plastic cups were not going to cut the mustard. On the nose it smelt a lot like red wine, but on the mouth it was actually really nice. Mostly tasting of plums and berries with a hint of Chinese 5 spice. If you are wondering… ‘what is Chinese 5 Spice?’ It is a mix of ancient Chinese spices consisting of: Sporty Spice, Scary Spice, Other Spice, Another Spice and Last (but not least) Spice.


The wine was well-rounded, actually, it was better than well-rounded, it was great-rounded and I don’t know what tannins are, but it had/didn’t have them (whichever is better).


Overall a great an affordable lovely bottle of wine, definitely pick one up.


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Sandpiper Barossa Shiraz 2011 | Bottled Wine Review

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