Goon (Cask Wine) and Egg Nog | Box Wine Recipe

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Goon (Cask Wine) and Egg Nog | Box Wine Recipe


Goon Sack Info 
Standard Drinks per Cask30
Alcoholic Content 9.5%
Average Price$9.99


Egg Nog is the quintessential Christmas drink. Countless American movies have told me this, through the media of motion pictures, which feature moving images coupled with sound. So what better ingredient to mix with goon on Christmas?


What is really strange is that nog, is an anagram of gon, which is almost goon. This is how we knew this mix was meant to be.


The Golden Oak Fruity Lexia and Oak Egg Nog combined terribly, reminiscent of goon tea and milk. It was very hard to look at – a lot like Hulk Hogan in Santa Claus with Muscles and yet there was still something there drawing me in. I raised the glass to my mouth and took a sip, it was filth. My face tensed and screwed, a lot like Hulk Hogan in that porn he made. I went for another sip, this time…AMAZING, well not amazing, but pretty good. I couldn’t quite work out what it tasted like, maybe sour milk or those shitty fruity smoothies you get from Hungry Jack’s. Then it hit me, a lot like Hulk Hogan in a match against Ric ‘The Nature Boy’ Flair, it tasted like Yakult. After this discovery I had no problem drinking it.


The whole movie is on YouTube. Who knew?…


The only real downfall of this festive drink is the texture. You can feel the coagulated milk in your mouth.


Overall the Golden Oak Fruity Lexia with Oak Egg Nog mix has been more surprising than any previous, definitely a must have for any Christmas lunch/dinner with the family. Make sure you keep the goon levels pretty low though, as the drink has a pretty poor goon to mixer ratio.


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Goon (Cask Wine) and Egg Nog | Box Wine Recipe

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