Goon and Cherry Coke | Goon Recipe

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Goon and Cherry Coke | Goon Recipe


Goon Sack Info 
Standard Drinks per Cask28
Alcoholic Content 9.5%
Average Price$12.99


Recently Coke released a new soft drink to their range – Coke Zero Cherry. As soon as I saw a poster for it, I knew that one day.. I would be mixing it with goon.


Now by itself Coke Zero Cherry is a pretty nice tasting drink, especially considering that it is sugar free, it almost tastes like Dr. Pepper. A sugar free drink that actually tastes good doesn’t happen often, that means you can enjoy a drink without having to worry about putting on weight (except for the weight of the cancerous tumour caused by the artificial sweeteners).


The Coolabah Soft Fruity White is easy-ish to drink, relatively cheap and is easy to come by.


The mistake here was mixing the two – like convict transportation and aeroplanes, some things mix with disastrous consequences.



“Don’t treet weeeemin laike thait”


It was an AWFUL drink, the Coolabah Soft Fruity White and Coke Zero Cherry mixed like sandals and socks and tasted even worse. Even though the drinks tasted swell by themselves, the combination of the two tasted terrible.



Stare at it! Embrace it…


I could only drink one glass because it tasted so odd and gross. It tasted almost like marzipan flavoured wine and to make matter worse the mix made the soft drink flat. I was also drinking it at room temperature for some reason, so that ones on me.


Overall this was a horrible tasting drink – it was flat and tasted like the combination of marzipan and wine. I would not recommend this drink to anyone, not even my worst enemy Cyrus the Virus.


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Goon and Cherry Coke | Goon Recipe

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