Goon Sangria-ish | Goon Recipe

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Goon Sangria-ish | Goon Recipe 


Goon Sack Info 
Standard Drinks per Cask49.3
Alcoholic Content 12.5%
Average Price$12.99


Our original intention was to make a Sangria, for our bi-monthly Spanish themed night, but being the guero’s we are, we had less than half of the ingredients we needed. What we did have however, was a lot of red wine and lemonade, so using a large bowl we mixed ¾ red wine and ¼ lemonade, to this we added a cup of sugar. I know what you’re saying,


‘Good Goon Guys, this is just a standard mouth-watering glass of goon’


HEY, stop being so presumptuous, of course there is more. Now if you had let me finish we carbonated the goon using a friends Soda Stream.


The carbonated goon or ‘cargoonated grape goon drink mix’ as it was named was a modern day marvel. Sweet as a grandma on pension day, but still had as much alcohol in it as a grandma on pension day.



Sweet as a grandma on pension day, but still had as much alcohol in it as a grandma on pension day


It tasted really good, a lot like grape juice and unlike many other goon drinks, it actually looked appealing to drink.


It tasted so good, you could serve it to friends and family and they wouldn’t be able to tell that it cost you about $0.40 a glass.


Overall the goon had a nice, sweet taste and felt like a soft drink. This mix lost a few points for cost, but a cheaper box of wine could easily be substituted in.


We highly recommend it, but you will need a way of carbonating the drink otherwise it tasted a lot like how you would imagine red wine and lemonade to taste……good


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Goon Sangria-ish | Goon Recipe

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