Passion pop wine review – Does it count as goon?

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Passion pop wine review – Does it count as goon?


Goon Sack Info 
Standard Drinks per Cask5.6
Alcoholic Content 9.5%
Average Price$4.99


First off is Passion Pop goon?




Passion Pop is the quintessential cheap sparkling wine – of course it’s goon.


Visually the wine doesn’t pretend to be anything, but cheap and nasty. I kind of respect that. It has a disgusting purple label which looks like it was designed in about 10 seconds.


The label itself reads: Perfect for sharing with friends, delightfully fruity and refreshing.

I wouldn’t say delightfully and I definitely wouldn’t use the word perfect.

What the label should read: Adequate for sharing with friends, adequately fruity and refreshing.


Adequate for sharing with Friends and adequate like the show Friends. Watch Seinfeld.


The taste reminded me of Granny Smith apple skins, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It was actually okay, though definitely very acidic and very sweet. Actually, the taste kind of reminded me of the time I tried to make my own cider with juice and yeast. It’s got that old apple juice kind of taste, like it’s been sitting in my room fermenting for two weeks.


For a bottle, the cost was actually pretty reasonable (not compared to an actual cask of goon of course). It was $5 and contained 5.6 standard drinks (standos) with a 9.5% alcohol level. However, if this was a 4 litre cask it would end up costing about $31.25, so a bit pricey. You get a step up in the looks department though. “Who’s this cool looking dude,” (I’m using dude as a unisexual term) people will think, “I bet s/he surfs amongst other cool things.” So that’s a plus, especially if you suffer from low self-esteem.


Overall if you’re into cheap sparkling wines Passion Pop – Original is by far the most popular and is so for a reason, but to be honest I’d rather just buy goon cask… because I am cheap.


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Passion pop wine review – Does it count as goon?

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