Goon (Cask Wine) Jelly Shots

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Goon (Cask Wine) Jelly Shots


Sitting at home my stomach began to rumble. Shoeless, I dragged myself to the shops. I decided to buy some fritz because I want my meat to look as much like dog food as possible. Walking through the supermarket my eyes began to wander, like a partner in a loveless couple.


That’s when I saw it. Create-a-Jelly.


Make jelly from your favourite drink. It’s a dream come true. I didn’t even have to think about what drink I was going to add – it was always goon. I hadn’t tried goon jelly in the past because I always thought I’d have to boil the wine, but not with Create-a-Jelly.


Step 1: Empty contents of packet into a bowl.


Step 2: Add 1 cup (250ml) of boiling water.


Step 3: Stir well until powder has dissolved.


Step 4: Add 200ml* of your favourite drink (goon).


Step 5: Refrigerate until firm (minimum 4 hours).


*It says 200ml, but we added quite a bit more and it still set properly.


A bowl of both red and a white wine jelly were made.


goon_jelly. Jelly made with Golden Oak Fruity Lexia.

The red bowl contained a good helping of Stanley Dolce Rosso. The red wine jelly looked and tasted pretty great. The flavour was quite strong and tart. It also felt good to eat goon for once. Surprisingly it tasted better than the white.

The white bowl contained Golden Oak Fruity Lexia. Coming out of the fridge the white didn’t look too edible. It actually looked a lot like dead jelly fish that litter the sand at the beach. The jelly it created, while still tasting pretty nice, had a weak wine flavour – tasting very fruity and sweet.


Even though we used a Create-a-Jelly, you should easily be able to get it done with gelatine crystals. It would be far cheaper and you could add a lot more goon.

goon_jelly. Jelly made with Golden Oak Fruity Lexia.

Overall the jelly tasted really good. I’m not sure how alcoholic it is though, so maybe not so great for jelly shots or anything like that. Still, if you’re feeling a bit peckish and want to get more goon in your diet, it is definitely something to think about.


..And if you’re thinking about adding a mixed goon … don’t. The packet says add your favourite drink – NOT two drinks. Pull your head in mate, who are you trying to show off to anyway.


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Goon (Cask Wine) Jelly Shots

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