Wine Ice Cubes (Goon Ice Cubes)

Wine Ice Cubes (Goon Ice Cubes)


    Wine Ice Cubes

    Hot nights require a cool goon and what better way to cool down your goon than with wine ice cubes… That’s right, ice made from goon. That’s cooling down your drink with your drink. META.


    But How?!… Oh, I’ll tell you how!


    Step 1: Choose your favourite ice cube tray. As you can see I have gone for the penguins and hearts.

    wine ice cubes

    Step 2: Pour a goon of your choice – we’ve used a Fruity Lexia.

    wine ice cubes


    Step 3: Freeze. This is the most difficult step as wine ice cubes require use of a freezer. If you do not have access to one perhaps ask a neighbour.

    wine ice cubes

    Step 4: Place the wine ice cubes in your goon, drink it and reflect on what you have just accomplished. You are a good person.

    wine ice cubes


    Things to remember:

    Usually ice cube trays made of rubber taste a bit like rubber.

    Penguin trays are optimal as the animal often* comes from a cold climate.

    Using heart shaped wine ice cubes might be a nice romantic surprise on Valentine’s Day or while you are watching the movie Valentine’s Day with a loved one.

    The wine will never become solid ice in the freezer, as the freezing temperature of ethanol is a lot greater than that of water.


    Overall wine ice cubes will work A LOT worse than regular ice. Also I would be very surprised if anyone can be bothered actually trying this and if you do….good for you. Don’t be discouraged that you had nothing better to do than make wine ice cubes. Your life will turn around soon, you’ll see.



    * I say often as most penguins live in the cold, however several species are found in the temperate zone, and one species, the Galápagos penguin, lives near the equator (Wikipedia, 2016).