Goon (Box Wine) and Beer Mix | Goon Recipe

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Goon (Box Wine) and Beer Mix | Goon Recipe


Goon Sack Info 
Standard Drinks per Cask30
Alcoholic Content 9.5%
Average Price$12.99


When faced with the prospect of having to drink straight goon, the smart amongst us will reach for something to mix it with. And when that grasping hand in the back of the fridge finds nothing but a ten year old beer, just think, why the hell not.



The old beer guard


This logic leads us to the diamond in the rough that is goon and beer, or as we like to call it Geer. Pop the top off that bad-boy in whatever fashion you like, drink half the beer and then top it off with a hearty swig of your chosen cask wine. What you now hold in your hands, and probably all over them if your aim is as bad as ours with a loaded goon sack, is a drink that packs a serious punch.


As tempting as it might be to get all over that like a wet towel, make sure you let the goon settle from the neck of the beer and properly mix. Many a good man has been defeated by that first dry white hit that comes from an improperly mixed Geer.


We partnered Morris Fresh Dry White and Hahn Super Dry for this review and the results were promising. The Super Dry is a mild beer and so lets the wine do most of the talking, leaving a fruity, grassy-hop after taste. The wine helps to mask the bread like qualities that are so often found in cheap beer, elevating it from a stale sliced loaf taste to a sweet focaccia. The wine even tames the harsh effervescence that dominates a Super Dry, taking it down a few steps to just a mild fizz making it much easier to drink ‘en masse’.


Some may ask, why even bother? Why ruin a perfectly good beer? And to these people I ask; was it a perfectly good beer to begin with? And if you have even half the taste buds given at birth left, you’d have to say not really.


A drink born out of necessity, goon and beer is a double barrelled shot gun of flavour. Two halves of a whole that make for a really interesting drink.


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Goon (Box Wine) and Beer Mix | Goon Recipe

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