Frozen Goon Slushies | Summer Goon (Wine) Mix Recipes

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Frozen Goon Slushies | Summer Goon (Wine) Mix Recipes


Goon is such an amazing drink it saddens me to think that not everyone partakes in some. People turn up their noses in disgust when they see that beautiful box being lugged around at a party or social gathering. However, I think the goon slushie could be the drink that finally converts people. It combines all we love about goon (which is everything) with ice. It looks good, tastes good – it has it all and after one of the hottest Australian summers on record what better way to cool off.


We turned two different mixes into slushies, but I’d say it would most likely work for any soft drink – I’m not sure about juice though.


The two tried were a Portello and Stanley Dolce Bianco mix and a Fanta Pineapple Lime and Golden Oak Fruity Lexia, both poured at a 50-50 mix ratio. The Portello mix took about 2.5 hours to freeze to a pretty good level. The Fanta mix took longer due to a larger cup size, taking about 3.5 – 4 hours.


The two turned out incredibly well. First off they look delicious and the taste, ohhhh the taste. It actually just tasted like when you freeze soft drink, but who doesn’t like that? Another plus is that there wasn’t even a hint of goon (okay maybe a hint at the bottom of the cup). We finished it off by using slushie cups from the servo to give it that authentic look.


You could serve Goon Slushies at parties, BBQs, you could probably even get away with serving them at weddings – they look that good.


But don’t take my word for it; here is a review from our travelling correspondent and my good friend Barry.


A Goon slushie. Wine slushie made with Golden Oak Fruity Lexia

Hey guys, Baz here.


I’ve just tried the goon slushie, mate, let me tell you, it’s a flash one. After the first sip a smile whipped across my face.

“maaate, this is bonza, bloody beautiful,” I was sayin. Me mate agreed giving a thumbs up.

“Too right,” he responded.


Picture this, you’ve worked hard, your missus is at your back squawking about god knows what and it has been a scorcher of a day. What better way to unwind then with a goon slushie.

Mate, you won’t regret it mate. Give one to your mates. Put a little umbrella in it to make it look fancy and that. Even Robbo will admit that it’s all that and a bag of chips. He’s a good mate.




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Frozen Goon Slushies | Summer Goon (Wine) Mix Recipes

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