Warburn Estate Verdelho | Goon (Cask/Box Wine) Review

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Warburn Estate Verdelho | Goon (Cask/Box Wine) Review


Goon Sack Info 
Standard Drinks per Cask40
Alcoholic Content 12.5%
Average Price$14


Who knows what a Verdelho is? The answer is nobody. So it is very possible that Warburn Estate has made up this wine. This fictional wine’s box reads:


‘Easy drinking at a BBQ with friends.’


This means nothing. Just the kind of nothingness a wine company would create to sell a fictitious wine to the public. What drink that is fit for human consumption is difficult to drink at a BBQ with friends? Even straight milk would go down a treat in that welcoming environment. I can’t believe that Warburn Estate think that little of us that they would try to pass this off.


The fabricated wine looked watered down, almost invisible. I’m not completely sure if it actually existed in my cup or if my mind just wanted it to be there. The smell of the fake wine was surprisingly pungent and sweet considering it didn’t exist and the taste was fruity and sweet with a hint of honey that lingered in your mouth. The taste was still very watery though; the previously mentioned tastes are there but hidden behind a wall of water.


There is no Verdelho


Even though Warburn Estate Verdelho is made up it would still make an okay mixer due to its watery-ness and lack of taste. I definitely do not recommend drinking it straight. It is an absolutely horrible wine.


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Warburn Estate Verdelho | Goon (Cask/Box Wine) Review

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