Tangled Vine Estate Soft Fruity White


The Tangled Vine Estate Soft Fruity White looks like a pretty ordinary goon when you first lay your eyes on it. It comes in an ordinary 4 litre cask and you will receive the same judging looks from people as you buy it with one and two dollar coins you scraped together. But I can assure you, it’s actually pretty good and by good I obviously mean you don’t have to force it down.


I’ve decided to follow a tutorial on how to write a product review; this paragraph is for me to describe the ideal buyer, so.. I’m going to say it is a product for people that are cheap, students, backpackers, the unemployed and basically for anybody who would rather quantity over quality (I don’t know who wouldn’t).


Originally I only tried it because it was the cheapest cask at the bottle shop across from my house, but since then has quickly become one of my favourites. At 9.5% alcohol it is not the strongest sack of goon, but the taste far out weighs any negatives.


The cask tasted good, like goon, but not strong goon and smelt sweet, like white wine. It had no bite, no strong after taste and actually tasted pretty smooth. I poured myself a nice tall glass of it and not once had to screw my face up in sour disgust.


This is a spectacular goon, definitely one of the best out there and I am yet to get a hangover from it so that’s a plus.



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