The Chris Read (Woodroofe Sno Top with Stanley Dolce Bianco)

The Chris Read (Woodroofe Sno Top with Stanley Dolce Bianco)


  • Amount: 4L
  • Standard Drinks per Cask: 33
  • Alcoholic Content: 10.5%
  • Average Price: $14


Sno Top and goon was one of the first mixes I ever tried – I still had so much to learn and so much goon to drink.


I remembered liking it a lot, but after trying it again I seem to have grown passed it. It happens though. Like when I re-watched ‘Kung Pow.’ What a horrible movie that is, absolutely woeful, but I remembered loving it so much. It is really horrible. That matrix scene with the cow . . . ughh and the tongue, whoever thought that was funny?


It does still have some quality moments – “that’s a lot of nuts!” – That’s some solid comedy right there.


Okay , probably a bad comparison – Sno Top and goon is still pretty GOOD, it’s just not GREAT. It’s definitely not as bad as Kung Pow, that’s for sure.


The Sno Top mixed well with the goon; we were using a 50-50 mix, but that could probably be pushed to around 70-30. Looking a lot like Sno Top, the drink kept most of its carbonation (no one wants a flat goon drink) and tasted fine. Actually, it tasted a lot like those gummi cola bottles you get in show bags. I could only have few though, beyond that it got kind of sickening.


Overall an average to good mix. Recommended for fans of Sno Top, cola flavoured gummi lollies and ‘Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.’



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