Tangled Vine Estate Soft Fruity White and Grape Fanta


Where do intelligent people go when they want answers? Yahoo answers of course and when you are a very busy and important person you can only afford to use what precious little time you have to ask questions, so they better be important. A lot like this one:


‘What’s your favorite flavor of Fanta? Peach, Grapefruit,Strawberry, Orange, Grape, or Apple,?’


What’s the top answered as voted by the public? GRAPE FANTA – sent in by a very learned and opinionated young gentleman that goes by the name of Soapy Raindrop. Soapy Raindrop just seemed like a name I could really trust when it comes to soft drink and possibly even become best friends with, so I decided to take Soapy Raindrop’s advice and buy a bottle, to mix with goon… obviously.


At $3 a bottle it left me a bit light in the wallet, but let me tell you, it was well worth it.


I started off with a half-half mixture which quickly turned into a 75% Fanta, 25% goon mix. The Fanta taste was pretty strong and almost completely covered the glorious taste of delicious goon. Using less Fanta was a definite plus; it meant the bottle lasted ages – I’m not made of money.


The Fanta tasted great, I knew I could trust Soapy, a lot like grape Hubba-Bubba (if you don’t know what that is, you should go to the royal Adelaide show, it’s full of that crap).


But the one thing that Soapy didn’t warn me about was the weird furriness the Fanta left in the back of my throat, probably best described as that feeling you get when you eat a peach. Soapy you really dropped the ball on this one.


Overall the Tangled Vine Estate Soft Fruity White and Grape Fanta is a great mix – nice tasting, but a little pricey




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