Sunnyvale Fruity Lexia


I’ve decided to finally get round to reviewing the Sunnyvale Fruity Lexia. Trying it again I have decided the wine is a lot like the actor Sam Neill, in that it is really good and like the actor Sam Neill, it can be put in pretty much anything and it’s going to mix well.


The taste is a bit fruity and a bit watery, in a good way. A lot like the Tangled Vine Estate wines, the taste isn’t too strong. It also doesn’t leave that horrible aftertaste that sends shivers down your spine like a lot of other goons.


I’ve mixed the Fruity Lexia with many different drinks and it always works well. A lot like Sam Neill in Jurassic Park. You love him by himself, but mix him with stars such as Jeff Goldblum and the KFC Colonel and it’s a match made in heaven.


I’ve also had the wine on its own and it did not disappoint. This is more like Sam Neill in Merlin. The whole thing is dependent on him and you don’t know if he’s good enough to hold it all together….But he is!


Another plus is that the wine is Australian made, similar to how we like to claim that Sam Neill is.


However, the wine is lacking in alcohol content, at only 9%. I think that is the reason it doesn’t taste that strong. It is still more than enough for the $11 I paid for it.


Overall it is a great sack of wine. Especially good for people trying goon for the first time.



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