Stanley Fruity Lexia and Woodroofe Lemon Squash


I haven’t mixed goon and lemon squash for quite a few years, not since I first started drinking. I decided to whip it out so I could get a review down, and when I got two bottles of Woodroofe Lemon Squash for $2, it made me remember why I drank it in the first place.


If this is your first time drinking goon, I would suggest this mix (or orange juice, but that can be pretty expensive). It doesn’t have the greatest taste, but it does have a universal one. By this I mean that a lot of people enjoy it. A lot like Raymond in the hit T.V show ‘Everybody Loves Raymond,’ everybody loves him/the goon (except for his brother Rodney).


The mix can be predominantly wine, as the squash does a really good job of covering the taste but in saying that, the Stanley Fruity Lexia doesn’t taste that bad anyway.


The downfall of this mix is that; a lot like the hit T.V show ‘Everybody Likes Raymond,’ it can become very boring, fast. This is why it is a beginner’s mix.


Overall it is nice tasting and generally liked. It should be a starting point for most goon drinkers.



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