Paradise Island (Berri Estates Fruity Gordo with Pineapple Lime Fanta and Diet Rite Passionfruit)

Summer is approaching and what better way to enjoy the hot days* then with a nice cold plastic** cup of paradise***. The Paradise Island was created from the name up.. meaning, I knew I wanted a drink with the name, I just didn’t know what it would consist of. In the end it turned out to be a tropical goon cocktail****. The drink is best enjoyed in a Hawaiian shirt and sandals, socks are optional*****.


The cocktail combines Berri Estates Fruity Gordo with Pineapple Lime Fanta and Diet Rite Passionfruit. The two soft drinks combined were around $4******.


The mix tasted strong, almost like cordial syrup, but not unbearably sweet. I was mixing at half-half*******, but the taste was so strong you could easily get away with three quarters goon********, or probably even five-sixths********* if you wanted. It tasted mostly of pineapple; the lime was nowhere to be seen**********.


Here’s a tip: scoop the cat shit out of the local sand pit and have a drink. It will feel like you are on a relaxing vacation.


Overall, the mix might be a bit sweet for some people***********, but for the most part tasted fruity and refreshing.




*A hot day can be anywhere from 26-50°C which is approximately 110-190°F.
**Plastic cups are the best choice for drinking goon because you WILL drop it.
***Paradise is an abstract concept and can mean different things to different people.
****Soon to be featured in my upcoming book: ‘Goon Cocktails: How to Look Classy Drinking Goon – Yes it is Possible’
*****Socks are optional, but encouraged.
*******Half goon, half soft drink.
********Three-quarters goon, one-quarter soft drink.
*********Five-sixths goon, one-sixth soft drink.
**********Or tasted.
***********People who don’t like things too sweet.

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