Mixing in the Goon Sack – How To Guide

Mixing in the Goon Sack

How many times has this happened to you? A lot I’m guessing.

You’ve been invited to a cool party with other cool people, but.. uh oh, it’s BYO.

You care, but you’re not cool enough to make a deal about it. So you go and purchase your favourite drink. Goon.

You decide that you are going to mix tonight. It’s payday so you decide to spend big and buy three mixers (a triple threat).

But, now you have a cask and three bottles of soft drink. How are you ever going to carry all of these drinks? That’s like 10 litres all up?! Who do you think you are? Ric ‘The Nature Boy’ Flair? Come on.


Don’t worry though, we’ve come up with the solution… MIX IT IN THE GOON SACK.


Step 1: Acquire a half full goon sack.

Mixing in the Goon Sack


Step 2: Use a knife to pop the tap off of that bad boy.

(Watch out not to cut those pretty fingers of yours)

Mixing in the Goon Sack


Step 3: Pour your mixers in.

Mixing in the Goon Sack


Step 4: Replace the tap.

Mixing in the Goon Sack


What you now hold in your hands is a premixed goon sack. Yes, that’s right. The holy grail of goon drinking. Your favourite wine combined with your favourite soft drinks, all ready to go in a convenient 4 litre sack. I bet you look really cool and I bet it tastes even better.


You’ll be the bell of the ball.

Also if you don’t know what you want to mix, read some of our goon recipes. Leave a review if you’ve tried some. We all REALLY want to hear your opinion.