An Aussie As Guide To Goon Of Fortune | Drinking Game

An Aussie As Guide To Goon Of Fortune | Drinking Game


Quick Summary:

What do you Need?

  1. A selection of your favourite (or not) goon (box wine) casks.
  2. Pegs
  3. A clothes line (preferably a Hills Hoist)
  4. Friends (recommended)

How Do you Play?

The basic rules to Goon Of Fortune are as follows:

  1. Peg the goon sack/sacks to the clothes line
  2. Circle your contestants around the clothes line
  3. Specify a set number of drinks until each person is eliminated (or any other additional rule you would like to add)
  4. Spin the clothes line – whoever the/a goon sack lands on drinks
  5. The last person left wins!


Main Article:

Invented by a “top bloke” or “top sheila” potentially named Macca or Sharon, Goon Of Fortune is “Aussie as”.

The “heaps good” Australian drinking game is “as old as the hills” and is cleverly based on the television show Wheel Of Fortune, thus the name Goon Of Fortune – the word Wheel in the title has been replaced with the word Goon. 



The one and only host of Wheel Of Fortune – Larry Emdur


The “vibe of the thing” is to peg a/numerous goon sack/s to a Hills Hoist (without a Hills Hoist it’s not official sorry), position your contestants around said, Hills Hoist, take turns spinning the “big fella” and begin chanting:


“Wheel….. Of….. FORTUNE…..”


and my favourite:


“Come on down!”


Whoever/whomever a goon bag lands on drinks from the sack.



The Hills Hoist was born ready…


Now “there are many ways to skin a dead cat” but my favourite version of the game involves assigning a set number of drinks until you are eliminated and the last person standing wins! Make a prize that people want to win like a 2-for-1 gift voucher to a Hoyts cinema or 10% off at Café Primo.

A word of warning – the goon will have you “as full as a centipede’s sock drawer” and “all over the shop like a mad woman’s breakfast” so please don’t be a “drongo” and know your limits. You don’t want to be “driving the porcelain bus” and to be honest I’d rather see you as “fit as a Mallee bull” and I will be seeing you… through your bushes in the night-time.


Drink responsibly.


And if you noticed The Castle reference, you’ve done well – I’m proud of you even if you never seem to live up to your Step Dad’s unreasonable expectations.


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An Aussie As Guide To Goon Of Fortune | Drinking Game