Golden Oak Fruity Lexia


The Golden Oak Fruity Lexia is one of the more well-known casks and its popularity is not unwarranted. It is consumed by people in all walks of life, whether they are partying, homeless or closet alcoholics, this wine does not discriminate.


The box combines the crushed grape dregs of possibly hundreds of cheap wines with the affordability of one of those 10 for 1 action/adventure movie box sets, usually filled with blockbusters, led by such A-list cast members as Steven Seagal and Don Cheadle.


Unlike Steven Seagal and Don Cheadle, the wine is very sweet, probably one of the sweetest casks you are likely to find.
It has a pretty tropical (bahama-mama) taste so the best mixes include most juices.


Overall the Golden Oak Fruity Lexia is great in the fact that it is a lot of wine for a cheap price. However, it can become a little too sweet and is best for people still acquiring a taste for goon.



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by Morgs on goodgoonguide
Fruity Lexia makes you sexier