Fruit Tingle Cocktail (Stanley Classic Dry White, Golden Oak Dolce Rosso with Juicee Apple and Raspberry Cordial, Sprite and Lift)


It was 10pm. The night was warm. There stood the goonless man. He had a craving that could only be quenched by one thing – Goon.


So I bought some. The Stanley Classic Dry White to be specific. Stupidly, forgetting to buy mixers, I arrived at a friend’s house and was forced to scrounge through his fridge for whatever we could find.


What we found was a half a bottle of Sprite, a bottle of Lift, a third of a cask of Golden Oak Dolce Rosso and half a bottle of Juicee Apple and Raspberry cordial concentrate.


Our mix went as follows: 1/6th red wine, 1/6th white, 3/6th Lift and 1/6th Sprite with a splash of cordial, all mixed with an old chop stick we found in the drawer.


For a mix that was born from left overs, it was pretty damn good. All the flavours combined well and the end result was a drink that tasted a lot like Fruit Tingles, maybe even a little of sherbet. Which isn’t surprising as the Fruit Tingle cocktail contains vodka, blue curacao, raspberry cordial and lemonade.


Many cups were consumed that night, yet the drink never became sickening like a lot of other sweet mixes we’ve tried.


And I have to say, if you have never tried mixing white and red wine in your goon mix – do it! You will not be disappointed. But be careful not to use too much red.


The major con of this mix was the price as the Lift, Sprite and Cordial all cost around $3 each. However, the cordial will last a while and the Lift/Sprite can be traded for cheaper alternatives such as Home Brand lemonades or squashes. Having both the Sprite and the Lift was a bit of over kill and the mix would most likely still work with just one of the two soft drinks.


Overall a great mix for fans of sweet alcoholic drinks such as cocktails, Cruisers, etc.



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