Best Box Wine | Top 5 Best Australian Goon Sacks

Top 5 Best Australian Goon Sacks Overall

“Which is the best box wine?”

It’s such a layered question. Define best? Define Australian? What does that even mean? Well we know and here they are! The top 5 overall best Australian Goon Sacks reviewed by the experienced team at Good Goon Guide – taking into account taste, price, appearance and the wines ability to be mixed.

This is a great starting point for goon newcomers. Just taking their first steps in the complex and intriguing world of goon drinking.

And for those with some experience under their belt – if you haven’t tried any of these wines, get on it ASAP. Leave us a review while you’re at it!

Of course you can see are full list of reviewed goon sacks HERE and for our goon mix recipes and reviews, click HERE.

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