Berri Estates Fruity Gordo


The Berri Estates Fruity Gordo is not the first goon that comes to mind when I’m thinking about what to have to drink, but that being said it is actually pretty good for what it costs.


The wine comes in a massive 5 litre cask which will impress even the most hesitant member of the opposite sex at any party or social gathering.


Surprisingly it actually tastes pretty good, like a cross between Christmas pudding, apricot Fruit Chocs and citrus fruits. It has an aromatic bouquet, smelling exactly like white wine.


The cask has 39 standard drinks, which equals to about $0.31 per drink. Making it one of the cheapest and tastiest goons I have found.


Overall a great goon; tastes good and is cheap. Drink it straight out the cask or mix it, both work really well. I tried it with tonic water and slices of lemon.



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